Online membership at your fingertips


Joining the NSWNA and paying your union fees is easy, thanks to a new online service on the NSWNA website

The NSWNA recently launched a new online service on the NSWNA website that enables members to pay their union fees and for non-members to join the union – all with the click of a mouse in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else you like to hang out with computer and internet access.

NSWNA General Secretary, Brett Holmes, launched the new online application and payment service on the Association’s website at the 2006 Annual Conference.

The Association website is continuously improving so that you can do business with your union 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,’ he said. ‘The ability to join the union online will improve the Association’s recruitment capacity, and paying membership fees online is a convenient and easy way to keep your membership active.’

The new tool is just one in a suite of materials, information and resources available to members on the web.

Brett said, ‘Through our website, the Association is keeping members informed about campaigns, nursing and professional issues, news and education. Members can use our website to check dates for training, download resource materials such as OHS information and even participate in online action through our email protest.’

Join online – growing our membership
The federal government, through its industrial relations changes, is making it increasingly harder for unions to access, organise and recruit potential members, particularly in the private sector.

The NSWNA has improved features on its website to ensure that potential members, at home or at work, on any shift at any time of day, can join the Association – assisting in the campaign for nurses’ rights at work to protect fair pay and conditions.

‘In these times, the NSWNA needs to maintain our membership and continue to grow. There will be attacks on our membership. To defeat this legislation we need to make sure we are building our union across the aged care, private and public sectors so that the Association remains strong,’ said Brett.

Campaigning online for nurses’ rights

Another new element of the website that will increase the Association’s campaigning capacity is the ability to sign an online email protest and download information and resources about the campaign against the federal government’s industrial relations changes and how nurses can get involved in the community campaign for fair workplace laws.

The current email protest is in support of Anne Woodward, a nurse unit manager at the Australian Defence Force’s Kapooka Health Centre, who was sacked for voicing her concerns about life-threatening delays.

Nurses and members of the public can send a protest email to RED Alliance, Anne’s employer, and the Australian Defence Force and tell them to give Anne her job back.

Samantha Faithfull, NUM at St Vincent’s Hospital, signed the email protest and was ‘more than happy’ to lend her support to the campaign.

She said, ‘As nurses we should all stick together and support each other. The email protest is easy to use and very effective. This has the potential to make nurses more active. Even though Anne is in Wagga Wagga, you can still register your support from work or home.

The latest news and information

With the click of a button, members can read the latest in nursing news – local, national and worldwide.

The website is a useful tool for activists to use to keep members up-to-date about issues concerning nurses and the health sector.

Media releases, policy and guidelines help branch representatives stay informed on issues affecting nurses. Members can download information to distribute at a branch level, such as information about how to address excessive workloads.

Members can use the website to keep informed about up and coming events, meetings and professional issues, education and training opportunities.

The website features quick and convenient access to union services and benefits such as Seek job search and Members’ Equity bank.

Website convenient and easy to use
Tina Zarkos, NUM at RPAH, encourages all members to use the website more as a way to keep informed about issues affecting nurses.

She said, ‘I think the website is a great additional service for members. We all lead busy lives. Rostering and other things sometimes prevent me from being able to stay in touch with union issues – having a website that is content rich and has practical functions, such as being able to pay my fees online or using the members only section to check my pay rates, means that I am more informed about my profession and the work of the Association.’