Organising for safe patient care

Active NSWNA member from the Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH), Edward Makepeace, is a young Cardiology RN who attended this year’s conference for the third time.

Edward said the highlight for him was the two resolutions that his branch brought to conference, which were both passed.

“That was a really good opportunity to highlight some issues that we wanted to raise to the whole Association,” the RN told The Lamp.

“One was about new grad registration fees. When they sign up they pay $317 initially, which is a lot more that what we have to pay, and then five months later they have to pay $157 for renewal.

“We thought that was a really important issue that people weren’t aware of and it was a really good opportunity to highlight that.”

Since the RNS branch raised the issue at the conference, the NSWNA has vowed to lobby AHPRA (the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) to review graduate registration fees.

“The other issue was a resolution asking the state government to declare a moratorium on private partnerships, which is a particular issue for our branch at the RNSH because we’re moving into a public-private partnership. We’ve had some concerns with it because it takes away local control from the hospital,” Edward said.

“We were raising it as a state wide issue for other hospitals who are looking to go down a public-private partnership [route].”