Our campaigns do make a difference

Since 1996, nurses working in the public health system have received pay increases delivered through a series of four-year agreements negotiated with the state government.

Wage increases in the 2000 to 2004 agreement totalled 16%.

Nurses achieved additional pay increases through statewide strike action in the ‘What’s a Nurse Worth?’ campaign that culminated in the special case/work value wages claim in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission. Nurses won additional wage increases totalling 9.5% as a result of widespread support for the campaign.

The collective action of the Association’s members during the ‘There’s no fix without nurses’ 2004 to 2008 campaign again delivered a higher outcome.

When the government offered four increases of 3% nurses threatened industrial action, forcing the government to agree to be bound by a recommendation from the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.

Following submissions from the Association and the Department, the IRC recommended that the final two increases be increased. Nurses won a total of 14.75% for that campaign.

Overall pay increases between 2000-2008 amounted to 47.3%. But we can’t stand still. With never-ending price increases, 2008 will be the time to stand up for greater rewards for nurses.

What you can do to help

  • Make sure your contact details are up to date. NSWNA needs your email address, award classification and mobile number so we can get Campaign 2008 info to you fast.
  • Encourage all your friends and workmates to be NSWNA members – there is strength in numbers. They can join online or by phone today.
  • Make contact with your NSWNA Branch officials and offer to help them organise campaign activities in 2008.
  • Nominate to be part of the statewide Campaign 2008 organising committee (email spearce@nswnurses.asn.au for details of what the committee will do and how you can make a difference).

Campaign 2008 timeline

  • January 2008: NSWNA branches to vote to endorse claim.
  • From February: negotiations, campaign activities by nurses and midwives, any proposed settlement offer to be voted on by branches.
  • June 30, 2008: current Award expires – aim for new award to be in place.