Ramsay members vote YES!

NSWNA members at Ramsay Health Care have voted overwhelmingly in favour of their new Collective Agreement.

Following six frustrating months of protracted negotiations with Ramsay, members will now receive wage rises amounting to 4.28% per year over the 34 months of the agreement.

Ninety-two percent of nurses approved the agreement, which will see a 3% increase in wages and allowances from January 2009; a further 1% from April 2009, another 3.9% from January 2010; and a final 3.75% from January 2011.

The agreement will protect the wages and conditions of Ramsay nurses until July 2011.

Included in the agreement is a skills allowance based on the Continuing Education Allowance from April 2009 and an improved clause on nurses’ workloads.

The new agreement will also halve the time lag in pay parity with nurses in the public health sector from 12 to six months.

NSWNA Assistant General Secretary Judith Kiejda praised NSWNA members at Ramsay who ran a well-organised campaign using telephone conferencing to keep members connected and informed across all Ramsay facilities throughout the negotiations.

‘This is a very good agreement that was hard fought and hard won. The compound effect of solid pay rises coupled with closing the gap in pay parity will protect nursing staff and help Ramsay attract and retain more nurses.