Relevant clinical fields for the continuing education allowance

The Department and the Association have developed a matrix for determining the relevance of clinical qualifications from a recognised Australian educational institution. The matrix lists a range of clinical speciality fields under major functional groups. If the nurse has an Australian postgraduate or post enrolment Certificate IV qualification in a clinical field listed under a major functional group, and is working in a clinical field listed under the same major functional group, then the qualification allowance is payable.

For example, within the critical care/high dependency major functional group if a nurse has a qualification in the cardiac speciality field, s/he would be eligible for payment of the allowance, even though s/he may be working in the day surgery or spinal injury speciality fields.

The matrix will not ‘cover the field’ for all qualifications. At least in the implementation period claims for payment of the CEA for overseas qualifications or in specialty fields not listed in the matrix will be determined by the Department and the Association centrally. Claims for payment where the speciality field of the qualification is listed under a different major functional group to the speciality field in which the nurse is working will also be determined centrally.

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