Safety in numbers – What members say

Clinical support assured – an investment in our professional future

‘The claim specifies the number of CNEs that need to be included for a certain number of RNs. That’s fantastic. It’s about investing in our professional future. By providing CNEs we are investing in our nurses and our practice and this will have better outcomes for our patients. It’s also going to be supportive of our new graduate numbers. If we have these CNEs in place we can look at recruiting more new graduate nurses because we’ll have the support systems in place.’

Jade Starkey, CNS and nurse educator in paediatric oncology at John Hunter Hospital.

Nurses will stay with better staffing environment

‘The nurse to patient ratios model will provide significant changes to skill mix on the wards. We’ll have more RNs, more skilled staff. Staff will be happier; patients will get better care. As a NUM, retaining staff is important. At the moment, a lot of staff are temporary. If they can be assured of a better staffing environment, they will stay.’

Francis Hoult, NUM, Blacktown Hospital.

Nurse ratios would protect skill mix

‘Nurse to patient ratios would be absolutely wonderful. It would change the way we deliver care. It will improve and protect skill mix.’

Maureen Bunt, CNS in mental health at Lismore Base Hospital