Show you care about aged care

  1. Visit the aged care campaign website
    To find out more about the Because We Care campaign and show your support, visit the campaign website
  2. Email the Federal Minister for Ageing
    The Federal Minister for Ageing Justine Elliot needs to know that nurses and other Australians support the ANF campaign and aged care nurses.
    Visit the aged care website ( and send a message to the Minister telling her how much you support aged care.
  3. Talk to your colleagues
    Workplace discussion will build more support and help us put pressure on the Federal Government to make changes to ensure there is quality care for older Australians.
    You can download the Because We Care leaflets and posters from the campaign website.
    You can also add your thoughts and stories by joining in the online discusssion at the Because We Care Facebook Group
  4. Sign the Charter for Quality Aged Care
    The Charter for Quality Aged Care states the aims of the Because We Care campaign:
    a. The right balance of skills and nursing hours so that nursing and care staff can provide quality care for every resident.
    b. Fair pay for aged care nurses and care staff who are paid up to $300 per week less than nurses in other sectors.
    c. Recognition of the professional skills of Assistants in Nursing and care staff through a national licensing system.
    d. A guarantee that taxpayer funding is used for nursing and personal care for each resident.
    Add your voice to the campaign by signing the Because We Care Charter. Visit the campaign website and sign the charter online.
  5. Write to your Federal MP
    Use the link on the campaign website to determine which Federal Electorate you live in and the name of your House of Representative’s Member. Use your own words or the form letter provided on the website.
  6. Contact your local media

If you’re active in nursing or a related profession, you can help by adding your perspective to the public debate by sending a letter to the Editor of your local newspaper. Either use your own words or one of the form letters provided on the website.