Slash and burn Grace

IPHA’s Director of Operations Grace Collier comes to NSW after a chequered history in industrial relations in Queensland.

She is a former union official who was arrested on the picket line during the Patrick dispute with the MUA, yet years later she told the Brisbane Courier Mail, ‘I can absolutely see what (Patrick Stevedores boss) Chris Corrigan was doing. I can empathise with his position. I don’t really believe in right or wrong in these positions.’

In 2003 Collier set up her own consultancy ‘assisting’ companies to restructure their workforces and industrial arrangements.

‘I have,’ she told the Courier Mail, ‘quite successfully de-unionised a number of hospitals.’

She also cost 200 nurses their jobs.

‘One of her areas of specialty is Queensland’s private hospital sector where, by her own admission, she’s probably been responsible for some 200 nurses losing their jobs through restructure, redundancy and outright dismissal,’ wrote journalist Paul Syvret in the Courier Mail.

Syvret pointed out the lucrative nature of Collier’s union-busting, job-slashing business. ‘[Collier’s] home is a comfortable house in the exclusive inner-Brisbane suburb of Hamilton and there is a shiny blue Porsche parked in the garage.’