Stoner doesn’t get it

AndrewStonerCountry hospitals do not need the same staffing ratios as big city hospitals, according to the National Party leader in New South Wales, and Deputy Premier, Andrew Stoner.

Mr Stoner told ABC radio on June 14: “Now this argument that country hospitals ought to have the same as the peak city hospitals is like comparing apples and oranges. There are conditions that are not treated – you have different complex ranges of treatments that are not done in many country hospitals that are done in places like Royal North Shore. So you simply can’t compare it…”

NSWNMA General Secretary Brett Holmes says Mr Stoner has missed the point.

“The fact is a patient having a hip or knee replacement in a regional hospital like Goulburn, Bathurst or Grafton, is only allocated five hours nursing per day, while the same patient at Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital or Newcastle’s John Hunter has a mandated minimum of six nursing hours allocated per day. That is not fair.”