Take action for aged care

Be part of a day of action in support of aged care nurses.

We’ve run an ad campaign and toured NSW in a van to spread the word about the Because we care campaign. Now here’s your chance to educate your local community about aged care.

On 7 October, we are holding a day of action and need you to get involved. All you have to do is set up a stall in your local shopping strip and encourage members of the public to sign postcards to their local MP, asking them to tell Parliament that we need proper funding for aged care.

Many Federal MPs and Senators have received the postcards, produced by the Union, but we need to target in particular the marginal seats of Bennelong, Dobbell, Richmond, Robertston and Wyong.

Members at the Cardinal Freeman Nursing Home in Ashfield are holding a morning tea to encourage residents and staff to sign the postcards and learn about the Because we care campaign. ‘We’ll advertise the event through the whole village,’ said Terri Burrell, RN. ‘About 400 people live in the village. There are 59 beds in the nursing home, but we also have two hostels of independent units. Sandra, the head of our diversity therapy department, makes wonderful scones and people always come down when they know she is making scones, so that’ll be a good motivator! It’s a good way for staff and residents to socialise. Everyone knows how hard staff in nursing homes work, but it’s good for them to realise we are trying to let the Government and MPs know, and that they can help by filling out a postcard and mailing it off.’

Meanwhile, Shirley Ross-Shuley, AiN, is organising three stalls in the Blue Mountains. She, along with other NSWNA members, ran a stall in Katoomba in September, which was a huge success.

‘We had people lining up to sign the postcards,’ she told The Lamp. ‘We got more than 200 signatures in just two and a half hours. We are going back on 7 October to collect some more. As well as Katoomba, we’re hoping to also get enough people to staff stalls in Springwood and Richmond.’

Shirley is passionate about speaking up for aged care. ‘For many years aged care nurses have been too afraid to speak,’ she said. ‘It’s time we have a voice. I refer to ourselves as mice. If you have one mouse trying to scare off an elephant, it doesn’t work, but if you have thousands of mice, the elephant runs.’