Thanks for working over Christmas

Unions NSW shared some Christmas cheer with RPA nurses and thanked all nurses who worked over Christmas.

A few days before Christmas, Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon put on his Santa hat to surprise the midwives and nurses at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital’s delivery suite with a special Christmas hamper.

Part of the Better Services for a Better State campaign, the Christmas hamper was a way for Unions NSW to commemorate the hard-working nurses who worked throughout the Christmas holiday period while most of us kicked back and enjoyed festive cheer with our families and friends.

Midwives and nurses are among the 55,000 emergency workers in NSW who worked around the clock through the holiday season to help keep us in good health and safe from crime and from bushfires, or to help us when things go askew.

‘Emergency services workers sacrifice this special time of year to keep all of us in NSW safe. That’s why this year, unions, on behalf of all NSW workers and their families, would like to pay emergency services workers special thanks,’ said Mr Lennon.

Mr Lennon told the midwives at RPA he hoped people would spare a thought for midwives and other emergency services workers while they are enjoying the festive season.

The midwives on duty were delighted with the surprise visit and the recognition for their hard work, as well as the Christmas hamper – ‘especially the pudding and brownies’ – of course.

‘Working through the Christmas and New Year period is a part of our job that we have to live with. Sometimes it’s hard to miss out on the special family events, and it’s hard on our families, too. It’s wonderful that Unions NSW is aware of the sacrifices we make,’ said Branch President and midwife on the labour ward O’Bray Smith, who accepted the hamper on behalf of her colleagues.