The first Aged Care Delegates Forum held at NSWNA

The Association’s first ever forum for aged care Delegates was held last month and was a resounding success. Around 28 Delegates attended from across the State.

The event was opened by Christine Spangler from Broken Hill, who welcomed Delegates and talked about how the forum came about through a resolution at the March Committee of Delegates (COD).

The Forum will be held before each COD to bring aged care Delegates together to share information, plan how to strengthen Branches and work together to campaign for aged care.

‘There was a lot of interest and motivation in the room, and a sense that this will be a strong voice for aged care within the Association,’ said NSWNA Assistant General Secretary Judith Kiejda.

An NSWNA Officer gave an overview of the Association and explained how each team interacts with aged care, ranging from member issues, workplace matters, professional education, bargaining and campaigning. Delegates then talked in small groups to come up with an agenda for future meetings.

‘Overall, there was agreement that the forum could enable peer support and networking, information sharing about the aged care system, opportunity to work on campaigning, recruiting and strengthening Branches, as well as keeping up to date on industrial matters specific to aged care,’ said Judith.