TV ad spreads aged care message

The ANF and NSWNA have launched a TV campaign to put pressure on the Federal Government to deliver funding to aged care.

Aged care nurses are overworked and underpaid, and extra funding to remedy this is vital. That is the message being beamed into lounge rooms across the country after the launch of a new TV ad campaign by the ANF and NSWNA.

The message is delivered by a family member whose parent is an aged care resident.

Shot at the Whiddon Group facility in Easton Park, Glenfield, the ads feature Rita Verey, whose mother Angelina has been a resident there for eight years.

The ads show nurses lifting, feeding and caring for residents, interspersed with Rita commending them on the hard work they do and advocating for a better deal for aged care nurses.

The ad ends with a call to action by the public to let their Federal MP know extra funding for the aged care sector is vital and a link to the Because we care website.

Rita said she was happy to take part in the ad. ‘My sister and I go every week to visit mum and every time the nurses are really good. They’re always doing little things as well as everything else and they’ve always got a smile on their faces. Nothing seems to faze them,’ she told The Lamp. ‘I thought they deserved recognition for the work they do.’

Inadequate funding for the sector is an issue of concern, Rita said. ‘Unless you’re in that position, you don’t know how hard it is to have to put one of your family members into a home. Knowing the nurses are there to look after them and give them the care they need, it makes you feel a little better. If you know aged care is under-funded, you wonder what it’s going to mean for your family member and other residents. It really surprised me that aged care nurses get paid so much less than other nurses – I had no idea until I did this ad.’

At the ad’s launch at NSWNA headquarters last month, Ged Kearney, Federal Secretary of the ANF, said if Government funding was not forthcoming, the aged care sector would lose nurses altogether.

The NSWNA would like to thank  Whiddon Group at Easton Park, Glenfield, for its support in providing a venue to shoot the ad and for allowing staff members time off to take part in it.