TV ads celebrate the modern nurse and midwife

The NSWNA is about to embark on a new advertising campaign to promote the professionalism of nursing and midwifery.

NSWNA General Secretary Brett Holmes says that in the past the NSWNA has run high-profile public campaigns in defence of nurses’ and midwives’ interests during election and pay campaigns but was breaking new ground with an advertising campaign that promotes and protects their professional interests.

‘It will be a positive campaign that showcases the value and benefits of professional nurses and midwives. It will also position the NSWNA as a guardian of modern nursing and midwifery. Nurses and midwives will be shown as real people doing a vital job in a caring and professional way,’ he said.

says the NSWNA has consulted widely among nurse and midwife leaders about how they wanted nursing and midwifery promoted in the community.

‘They stressed the importance of raising public awareness to the expanded roles of nurses and midwives. They also wanted to change the perception of nursing and promote it in a positive light so it was more attractive to young people,’ he said.

The NSWNA also conducted research with the public to measure attitudes and values towards the profession.

‘While there was strong recognition of the commitment of nurses and midwives and the caring aspects of the role there was less awareness about the high level of education, skill and professionalism that the modern nurse has.’

After months of preparation and research, a concept that involves following a nurse through her daily routine in a documentary style was chosen.

There will be several ads that highlight differing nursing and midwifery roles. The first was filmed at Campbelltown Hospital with an RN, Kim Rodgers, who works in the children’s ward.