TV ads urge public to vote for more nurses

Vote for more nurses in the 2010 Federal election is the message the NSWNA and ANF are sending to the public in two new TV ads by the NSWNA.

The NSWNA has produced two TV ads featuring members Michelle Cashman, RN, and Frances Usherwood, CNS.

The ads aim to put health and nursing front and centre of people’s minds when they decide their vote.

The 30-second ad features Michelle saying we need enough nurses with the right skills to provide safe patient care, followed by text comparing Tony Abbott’s and Julia Gillard’s commitment to nurses and acknowledging the Labor Government’s significant funding for nurses. Frances can be seen taking care of a child patient.

The ad ends with the message: ‘At this election vote for more nurses.’

The 15-second ad carries the same text about Abbott and Gillard, but shows an injured man in a wheelchair pulling himself along a banister down a corridor.