What health leaders say about the report

‘The NSWNA believes the Commission has mostly come up with a set of recommendations that will be good for health care in Australia.’

Brett Holmes, NSWNA General Secretary

‘This is a genuine attempt at national reform. We won’t achieve substantial reform and better healthcare with people jealously trying to hang on to professional boundaries.’

Morris Iemma, NSW Premier.

‘The present structural and hierarchical arrangements of our health care system were established at a time when the health workforce, available technology and patient populations were very different to today. In those days, hospital nurses and midwives were not university educated and GPs were the lynchpin of health care. Those days have long gone.’

Professor Judy Lumby, Executive Director of the College of Nursing


‘Proposals to replace doctors with lesser-trained and lower-skilled health workers are unacceptable.’
Choong-Siew Yong, Vice President AMA