What nurses say about WorkChoices

I get angry when I see the government’s ads because I know they’re not true. Doing away with award conditions like paid maternity leave and some other leave will cut support for families. And scrapping our reasonable workloads clause will not only take away one of the few rights we have to manage our workloads, it will also affect the quality of care we can deliver.

Carolyn Hook, NUM, Prince of Wales Hospital

I think the ads are just propaganda. The government is just trying to Americanise our workplaces. There won’t be freedom of choice, there will just be the bartering off of our conditions. I’d hate to lose my holidays and my long service – I’ve been in my job for 17 years – and I think that is a possibility. My question for John Howard is why change something that doesn’t need fixing?
Tracy Devenish, AiN, Pioneer Nursing Home

These changes are unfair to employees and will leave them without redress. I feel strongly about them doing away with unfair dismissal laws and award conditions. The idea of selling off for a few cents things like sick leave and other conditions which we, our parents and our grandparents have fought for is appalling. It’s also appalling that the government is spending so much taxpayers’ money to promote Coalition policy.
Janet Scarfo, RN, Prince of Wales Hospital