What nurses say

Members of the NSWNA Log of Claims Committee tell The Lamp what they see as the priorities for our claim.

Coral Levett, NSWNA President and ANF Federal President, Senior Nurse Manager, Area Education Unit, Garrawarra Centre.

‘It is time for a night duty penalty rate that remunerates people fairly for anti-social hours. Nurses in other states and other industries have higher night duty penalty rates. NSW should come into line with these other states. Experts say it doesn’t matter how much you think you get used to night duty, your body never fully adjusts.’

John Lyons, RN, Baradine Multi Purpose Health Service.

‘The government needs to make the profession more attractive. It’s not just about money, it’s also about conditions. There is a lot of frustration that there isn’t enough staff for nurses to spend enough time with patients. We also need good support staff. Too many NUMs are doing data entry instead of being out on the ward using their expertise and helping young nurses.’

Peg Hibbert, NSWNA Councillor and CNS, Hornsby & Ku-ring-gai Hospital

‘We need to get a satisfactory wage increase that recognises us for the extra responsibilities we’re taking on. We need more nurses and midwives and better skill mix, so our workplaces are safe for us and for patients.’