What the Aged Care Compact delivers

Every aged care worker under an approved enterprise agreement will receive at least a 1% additional wage increase on top of employer-funded increase in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and a 0.5% increases in 2016.

In addition, employers must fund annual wage increases of at least 2.7% per annum or the Fair Work annual wage review increase – whichever is higher.

Rates for Personal Care Workers/AiNs and support staff must be at least 3% above the Aged Care Award 2010 and the rates for ENs and RNs must be at least 8.5% and 12.65% above the Nurses Award 2010 respectively. These can be phased in over three years by those employers who are currently on the award rates.

How it will work

To access the government money an employer in residential aged care and home and community care, or an employer that is a residential provider of 50 beds or more, must have an enterprise agreement approved by Fair Work Australia that contains all elements of the compact.

The enterprise agreement is a legally enforceable document that will guarantee employers pass all of the funding to aged care nurses and carers.

If your agreement has not yet expired the employer will have to sit down with members and the NSWNMA to vary the current agreement so that it complies with the compact requirements. These variations will be minimal.