What they had to say

Jocelyn Hoffman spoke to the media, with Mark Butler MP.
Jocelyn Hoffman spoke to the media, with Mark Butler MP.

Here are comments regarding the Aged Care Compact

Mark Butler, Minister for Ageing  

“This will go a long way to improving the capacity of the aged care sector to attract and, importantly, retain the quality, dedicated aged care workers that we need.

“In my experience aged care workers don’t work in the aged care sector for the money. They do it because they love the work. That in itself has to stop being an excuse for paying such low wages for such important work.”

Brett Holmes, NSWNMA General Secretary  

“It won’t close the wages gap between public and private hospitals and the aged care sector, but it will go a long way to improving outcomes for our members in aged care.

“The fact that it is tied to enterprise bargaining is the only way to ensure that commonwealth money will flow through to the wages of our members.”

Jocelyn Hofman, RN from the Blue Mountains  

“It will make a big difference to all the nurses who work in aged care and look after our elderly. There will be more nurses coming in, staffing will increase and there will be better care for our elderly.

“As much as we want to care for our elderly there’s not enough time because there’s not enough staff and we are spread so thinly. It’s really going to make a big difference.”

Lee Thomas, Federal Secretary, ANF  

“For the first time ever a federal government has dedicated money to aged care workers and has tied it to enterprise bargaining so we are assured that nurses, AiNs and ancillary workers can get an increase in wages.

“These workers are among the lowest paid in our communities and do some of our most important work. It’s a fantastic day. Congratulations to the Gillard Government and to Minister Butler.”