Workshops to help protect aged care nurses

Confused about the new workplace laws? Overwhelmed about negotiating a new Agreement? Workshops are here to help.

The NSWNA is running workshops to help aged care nurses understand the new workplace laws and help them negotiate strong agreements that secure pay and conditions.

This is part of our plan to support and work with our aged care members to help protect them from the adverse affects of John Howard’s workplace laws, said NSWNA General Secretary Brett Holmes.

‘Aged care members are especially under threat from the federal government’s new IR laws. WorkChoices will wipe out the award that covered aged care nurses so their pay and conditions are no longer protected!’

Across NSW, almost all aged care nurses will have to negotiate a new Agreement over the next 18 months to protect existing conditions and secure future pay rises.

The Association is running workshops designed to help you understand the many changes that are a part of new Workplace Agreements and help you negotiate a strong agreement that secures existing conditions and locks in future improvements and pay increases.

The workshops will provide you with the necessary information and skills you need to get the best possible wages and conditions in your new workplace agreement.

‘Your new agreement in aged care’ will explain the new laws and how they will impact on your workplace. This will prepare you for the changes and show you how to get your workplace organised and prepared for the bargaining process.

For dates and more information on these workshops contact Tim Shaw at or 02 8595 1234.