Your rights at work National Day of Action

Take action to say no to unfair work laws!

Almost a year ago, hundreds of thousands of Australians took to the streets and filled community venues to show their disgust for the Howard Government’s industrial relations legislation. Ignoring popular opinion, the government used its Senate majority to ram the laws through parliament.

Since the IR laws came in, wages have gone down while costs like interest rates and petrol prices keep climbing up.

At the same time, our job security has been undermined by the federal IR laws, which attack pay and conditions.

On Thursday, 30 November there will be a national rally to say ‘No to unfair work laws!’

An address by ACTU Secretary Greg Combet will be broadcast live by satellite from Melbourne to meetings of workers and community members in all capital cities and in more than three hundred regional centres across Australia.

The main Sydney protest will take place at Belmore Park, near Central Station, and Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour, with screens linking us live to the Melbourne broadcast.

Be part of the action

Try to get the day off on 30 November or organise to do an afternoon, evening or night shift.

The NSWNA strongly encourages members to attend one of the main locations so that we can march together. We recommend that members catch public transport to and from the city.

Meet at 8am for the broadcast at 9am at Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour; Belmore Park, near Central Station; Win Stadium, Wollongong. Gather under the Association banners at each of the sites.

The NSWNA website will have an up-to-date listing of the regional sites, such as RSLs, pubs and clubs, that will be broadcasting via Sky Channel.

To make an impact, wear your uniform or scrubs or a ‘nurses rights at work’ t-shirt. We need to show that nurses care about our rights and conditions. Don’t be afraid to wear scrubs, accessorise with stethoscopes – or anything else that makes the statement you are a nurse.

Spread the word

Speak to your family, neighbours and friends about attending the rally. It would be great if you organised parents from your children’s school to attend, get your sporting team there, or if different generations of your family were represented at the rally.

Be part of the action at work

If you are working on 30 November you can still participate in the Day of Action without disrupting patient care.

Wear a ‘nurses rights at work’ t-shirt, a ‘your rights at work’ badge and orange arm-band on 30 November. Speak with other nurses at your workplace about what show of protest you will all wear on the day.

A t-shirt, badge or armband is a conversation starter. You might not be able to attend the rally but if you have ten conversations with people on 30 November about the negative impact of the new IR laws you are making a meaningful contribution to the campaign.

To be kept up-to-date on all activities across NSW and in your area, log onto our website at

Order your ‘nurses rights at work’ t-shirts

Order your ‘nurses rights at work’ t-shirts ($10), badges and armbands now for 30 November – download an order form from our website at or phone Glen Ginty at the Association or email at