You’re in good hands

“I believe strongly in the union and what they do for us as nurses…” – Jenna Fanning, RN

You couldn’t be in better hands, according to a new campaign driving public support for nurses and midwives across the country.

A national campaign promoting positive attitudes towards nurses has been launched by the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) and features Westmead Children’s Hospital RN, Jenna Fanning.

The oncology nurse told The Lamp that the nationwide campaign lets Australians know “you’re in good hands when you’re being looked after by Australian nurses and midwives”.

“I think it’s a really important message and I was quite happy to get involved because it’s always good to have positive messages about nurses out there,” Jenna said.”

The fourth year RN was filmed and photographed at home and on the job for a series of advertisements, now being seen around the country on billboards, in magazines, on TV and radio and in cinemas.

“It was quite an eye opening experience and a bit different doing your job while having a couple of cameras there,” Jenna said. “It was a bit hard to get used to.

“It was actually quite fun, though I don’t know if I’d like to have cameras in my face every day,” the RN said, laughing. “But yeah, it was an interesting experience and something a little bit different.”

Through the national campaign the ANF is aiming to address poor community perceptions, and their frustrations with the health system, by building public support for nurses and putting pressure on political parties to improve conditions for nurses and midwives.

“I believe strongly in the union and what they do for us as nurses and the support they give us in improving our conditions and wages,” Jenna told The Lamp. “They help us do our job better.”

The RN has been a union member since she began training and believes in the strength of the campaign and the work of the ANF and NSWNA.

“I think it’s really important that we, as nurses, support the unions because of all the work the unions do for us, so I’m happy to be involved if they ask me again.

“Being involved with this campaign was about getting that message out to the community and ensuring that we get to see some positive messages about nursing and healthcare and how we can move forward together as a community to improve things, not just for nurses but for the people that we look after.”