A kind and supportive colleague

Anne Jennifer Mann
18 June 1945 – 11 February 2010

We have lost a dedicated nurse, friend and colleague – Jenny – who was always there to give support when we needed her.

Jenny trained and worked in the same hospital for 43 years. She worked as a nurse on wards, then as an AHNM (After Hours Nurse Manager) when her children were young and then as NUM of a very busy and demanding medical ward with three major disciplines including medical, Renal Dialysis and Mental Health.

Within this one ward all these disciplines required a good understanding of how to care for these patients. By completing courses Jenny was able to maintain a high level of care and expected her staff to do the same. She always found time for the patients and/or relatives who needed help and support and was always there for her staff, even when her time was pressing.

Jenny also trained as a midwife and worked in the Maternity Unit. In 2003, M Block closed and became the Ambulatory Care Unit in which patients would come in for treatments and then go home. This area was a very busy unit that maintained a high level of care. Jenny worked in this unit until she retired in 2008.

In March 2009, Jenny was diagnosed with a very progressive brain tumour, requiring two operations, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The last 11 months were very difficult for her but not once did she ask ‘Why me?’. Jenny always accepted what life had given her with grace and dignity. This was our Jenny.

By Gwen Harrison, Dubbo Base Hospital