A snapshot of NSW private hospital employers

There are 27 different private hospital employers in NSW. The largest are Ramsay, Healthscope and Healthe.

The annual reports of the main private hospital employers reveal they are profitable enterprises with a capacity to pay fair wage increases to their employees.

  • Ramsay Health Care (RHC) is the largest private hospital operator in Australia and NSW.
  • Ramsay’s 2007 Annual Report reveals a 31% increase in net profit to $110.9 million.
  • NSW accounts for 32.7% of Ramsay’s Revenue.


  • Healthscope Pty Ltd is the second largest private hospital employer in NSW.
  • Healthscope made an after-tax profit of $84.3 million in 2007 – an increase of 54% over the previous year.
  • 78% of Healthscope’s revenue comes from hospitals.


  • cHealthe Care Australia Pty Ltd owns the third largest number of private hospitals in NSW.
  • cHealthe is a non-listed private company so its financial results are not on the public record.
  • In 2006 Healthe bought six private hospitals including two in NSW: Brisbane Waters Private and Dubbo Private – for $62 million from Healthscope. Healthe bought five hospitals from Ramsay in 2005.

We need your help

It’s your pay and conditions. Your help will make a difference.

  • Make sure your contact details are up to date. The NSWNA needs your mobile number, email address and award classification so we can get campaign material to you fast.
  • Encourage all your friends and workmates to be NSWNA members – there is strength in numbers. They can join online or by phone today.
  • Make contact with your NSWNA branch officials and offer to help them organise campaign activities in 2008. If you haven’t got a branch at your workplace, contact NSWNA.
  • Come to meetings at your hospital or in your local area.

Timeline for Private Hospitals Campaign

  • Private hospital nurses and midwives surveyed – with 40% responding – June 2008
  • Log of claims committee finalises core claims for the industry – early July.
  • Log of claims for some specific employers to be served – August.
  • Talks with some employers begin – from July.
  • Agreements with some major private hospital employers expire – the last quarter of 2008.

Private Hospital Roadshow

The NSWNA is hitting the road to bring campaign information and support to private hospital nurses across the state.

If you are interested in achieving parity of pay and conditions with your public hospital colleagues then come along and find out what you can do.

The Roadshow is an excellent opportunity to take your specific workplace concerns directly to your union and discuss the issues that affect you.