Access to continuing education allowance

Question: I am a registered nurse in a public hospital and have received some conflicting advice in the workplace regarding the continuing education allowance. What are the broad criteria of eligibility for the allowance?

Answer: Clause 13 ~ Continuing Education Allowance ~ of the Public Health System Nurses’ and Midwives’ (State) Award,
sets out the framework for determining access to the allowance. In short, you must hold a qualification in a clinical field (in addition to the qualifications leading to your registration), and this additional qualification is accepted by the employer to be directly relevant to the competency and skills used in your duties.

Despite holding more than one additional (and relevant) qualification, you only receive one allowance. If you are entitled to the allowance, you must also provide evidence to the employer within three months of obtaining the qualification or within three months of commencing work (unless exceptional circumstances prevail).

You should check out Clause 13 and Schedule 2 of the Award (plus Table 2 that sets out the allowances that may be payable) in some detail to determine your eligibility.