Always there for her patients and friends

Sonia Pascual Napiza

Sonia entered my life through one of her chosen passions, nursing.

In 1958 Sonia commenced what would become many years of study, dedication and commitment in her development towards becoming one of the best bedside nurses we will ever see.

After six years of study and working, Sonia travelled to Chicago in the United States where she worked as a nurse for three years.

She then returned to the Philippines, working as well as studying to complete a Bachelor of Science in 1980.

Later, Sonia decided to travel to Australia making Macarthur her home. She continued to demonstrate her ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment and in 1987 Sonia accepted a nursing position at Camden District Hospital.

At the same time she also worked at Bigge St Private Hospital for three years from 1987-1990.

In 1988 Sonia transferred to Liverpool Hospital where she worked for two years. She returned in 1990 to Camden District Hospital and worked there for another seven years.

On her return to Camden, she also started working at Macarthur Private Hospital where she was to work for 16 years.

Seven years later in 1997, Sonia decided she needed a change and moved to the Medical Ward at Campbelltown Hospital, where she worked as a senior nurse on our team.

In 2003, Sonia chose to retire but her retirement was only short; she couldn’t stay away and returned to her love of nursing four months later.

After a much-deserved holiday, Sonia joined the Medical Ward again and continued to work at Macarthur Private Hospital.

In 2005 Sonia spread her wings again and moved to work in the Coronary Care Unit at Campbelltown. After 12 months, she decided to return to work again on the Medical Stroke Unit as she wished to continue her love of working for those who needed her most.

To her fellow nursing workmates and friends, Sonia was known and loved as a caring person who always put others before herself. Wherever she worked as a nurse around the world she developed and maintained friendships.

Sonia was the ultimate quiet achiever: unassuming, kind and compassionate to all she came into contact with. She was hardworking, reliable and stood for the rights of others.

As a nurse, Sonia cared for countless patients, always putting them first and ensuring all their needs were met. She worked the dreaded night duty shifts. But Sonia always arrived at work with a smile on her face, ready to spend hours making sure her patients were comfortable. She was prepared to go the extra mile, making them cups of tea in the middle of the night, not taking a meal break until they were all settled. She was always busy looking for what needed to be done next.

Sonia was immensely proud of her children and family and demonstrated to us her love and commitment to them. Her mother’s heart also stretched and included many of us.

Sonia often brought us food and gifts, along with a smile and a hug.

Sonia our special friend, we miss you and we will always love and remember you.

By Marg Dunford, Campbelltown Hospital