Book Me – March 2015

In this issue:

  • CINAHL Plus with Full Text;
  • Back Pain;
  • Foundations of Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice;
  • Prescribing at a Glance;
  • Venepuncture and Cannulation.
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News for Members

Access to CINAHL Plus with Full Text

Members can now access the CINAHL Plus with Full Text research database directly! Simply log in to the Association’s member-only page then click on the CINAHL link.  CINAHL Plus with Full Text the definitive research tool for nursing and allied health literature, providing full text for more than 750 journals and thousands of articles dating back to 1937.  It also includes searchable cited references, legal cases, clinical innovations, critical paths, drug records, research instruments and clinical trials.  For further information or assistance please contact the NSWNMA library.

Special Interest

Back Pain: How to Build Core Stability for Long-Lasting Relief

Book Me March 2015 - Back pain
Author(s) : Adam Gavine & Rod Bonello
ISBN : 9781743317129
RRP : $32.99
Publisher : Allen & Unwin
Distributor : Allen & Unwin

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This straight-forward book is an excellent choice for anyone seeking long-lasting relief from back pain, or trying to avoid back problems.  It describes a range of common conditions that cause back pain, discusses the diagnostic process and examines a wide variety of non-invasive and invasive therapies.  Several inspiring personal stories are interspersed between the factual chapters, showing how significant back problems can be overcome with determination and dedication.  To this end, the authors provide a range of lifestyle recommendations, plus illustrated instructions for 32 safe home-based rehabilitation exercises and movement strategies that target different muscle groups.

Foundations of Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice (2nd ed.)

Book Me March 2015 - Foundations of CNS Practice

Author(s) : Janet Fulton, Brenda Lyon & Kelly Goudreau
ISBN : 9780826129666
RRP : $122
Publisher : Springer Publishing
Distributor : Footprint Books

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This comprehensive text covers the full sweep of CNS practice, from fundamentals through designing and evaluating interventions, influencing change and innovation, and frameworks for delivering care to clients.  Key business practices are explored from a CNS perspective, like consultation, mentoring, project management, program evaluation, credentialing, managing technology, and entrepreneurship.   The CNS role is examined within a variety of settings including hospitals, private practice, and industry.  A variety of specialty areas are also addressed, such as paediatric palliative care in a regional centre, primary care, rehabilitation, emergency, diabetes management and facilitating program improvements to infection control practices and rapid response programs.  While largely written for American health professionals, the scope and detail of this book will undoubtedly make it a substantial resource for anyone working in a CNS role in Australia.

Prescribing at a Glance

Book Me March 2015 - Prescribing at a Glance

Author(s) : Sarah Ross
ISBN : 9781118257319
RRP : $52.95
Publisher : Wiley-Blackwell
Distributor : JR Medical Books

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Prescribing is more than writing a drug order on a chart and competency requires specific knowledge and skills, appropriate analysis and judgement.  This book sets out clear, concise instructions according to the World Health Organisation’s Guide to Good Prescribing framework for a range of core skills including: medication history taking, reviewing and choosing new medicines, assessing the suitability of a drug regimen for a patient, writing a prescription, communicating with a patient about their medicines, monitoring drug effects and dealing with drug-related problems.  Examples are given of common prescribing errors, as well as prescription and calculation exercises for practicing.  Separate sections also describe appropriate actions for special groups and using specific drug groups, like those for infection, in haematology, oncology, and anaesthesia.

Venepuncture and Cannulation: A Practical Guide

Book Me March 2015 - Venepuncture and Cannulation

Author(s) : Nicola Brooks
ISBN : 9781905539444
RRP : $37.30 (£19)
Publisher : M&K Publishing
Distributor : M&K Publishing

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With an increasing number of patients being treated for acute and chronic illnesses, venepuncture and cannulation have become two of the most common everyday procedures in healthcare.  This book is intended as a supplementary resource for those involved in practicing or teaching these procedures, for practitioners wishing to update their knowledge and for novices learning new skills.  It provides the underlying theory and knowledge required as well as step-by-step instructions, occasionally with illustrations.  Each chapter includes intended learning outcomes, points for practice and reflection, and practical activities.  Common complications and problems are addressed for both procedures and the final chapters contain advice on reducing risks and two self assessment checklists that cover preparation, procedural skills and aftercare tasks.

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