Change the Rules

Banking Royal Commission

This year, Malcolm Turnbull caved in to demands for a Bank Royal Commission only after the banks gave him permission to do so. Thousands of honest Australians have been ripped off by the big banks which are amongst the largest and most powerful corporations in the country. The Australian trade union movement has campaigned to make the banks accountable by calling for a genuine inquiry that focuses on the wrongdoing of the big banks. If you or someone you know has been ripped off by a bank, fill in this form and let us know, so  your voice is heard during the Royal Commission. Help us to Change The Rules for a more fair and equitable working environment for all Australians.

The Australia we once knew, that our parents experienced, is not the reality anymore because the rules that made our country fair are broken.

We are building a movement to change the rules to bring fairness back to Australia. Wage growth is the lowest it’s ever been, but profits are up. Inequality is at a 70 year high. 40% of the workforce is now in insecure work. A whole generation does not know what it is like to have a paid sick day or a paid holiday. And the richest 1% of Australians owns more wealth than the bottom 70% of Australian citizens combined. There is an answer to all this. Working people need better and stronger rights at work to ensure jobs are secure and our wages are fair. We need to re-write the rules to achieve this.

Here’s what you can do:

Join your union The best way to protect your pay and conditions is to JOIN YOUR UNION and get your co-workers to join too. Take the Change The Rules Survey Download the Change The Rules Campaign Kit Download Campaign Materials Talk to your friends, workmates and neighbours and get them involved. We all need to fight to protect our rights and improve conditions for future generations.