Changes to domestic and family violence leave

I am a Registered Nurse working in FACS. Has there been a change to family violence leave entitlements? 

Yes. From 1 January 2019, via a Premier’s Memorandum, all full- time government sector workers will have access to 10–days paid domestic and family violence leave per calendar year (non-cumulative). The leave will be available pro rata for part-time employees. It can be taken in part days, single days, or consecutive days. This leave can be accessed without exhausting other existing leave entitlements first (for example, sick leave).

The leave can be used by workers experiencing domestic and family violence for things like: seeking safe accommodation; attending medical, legal, police or counselling appointments; and attending court and other legal proceedings, relating to such violence. It can also be used for organising alternative care or education arrangements for children. The agency will, however, need to be satisfied on reasonable grounds that domestic and family violence has occurred.