Changing rosters at Ramsay

I work at a hospital operated by Ramsay. There is some talk of changes to rosters and hours of work. How should this be managed?

Under Clause 2.3 of the Ramsay Health Care Australia Pty Limited, and NSW Nurses & Midwives’ Association/ANMF Enterprise Agreement 2015-2018, local managers have an obligation to consult with staff on major change, which includes changed rosters and working times. If a decision is made, they are required to provide staff with all relevant information and genuine consideration must be given on staff feedback. Of course, staff can nominate the Association to be their representative in such discussions.

It is especially important to note that when a change to a regular roster or ordinary hours of work is contemplated, hospital management must invite affected staff to give their views about the impact of the change (including any impact in relation to their family and caring responsibilities).