Cracks appear in the Liberal Façade

On 26 June a major rebellion occurred within the Liberal Party against John Howard’s plans for a single national industrial relations system.

At the Liberal Party’s federal council, there was a two-thirds vote in favour of a resolution supporting states rights and the federal system.
Many speakers to the resolution made it crystal clear it was a vote against Howard’s single national industrial relations system.

Opposition to Howard’s plan extends to the higher levels of the Liberal and National parties.

Matt Birney, the new Liberal leader in Western Australia, South Australian Liberal Industrial Relations spokesman Iain Evans and the Queensland National leader Laurence Springborg have all come out against Howard’s plan for a single federal IR system.

There is one Liberal leader who is committed to backing Howard to the hilt and to centralising power in Canberra.

‘A Liberal government in New South Wales would hand our industrial relations powers and refer them through legislation to the Commonwealth Government,’ John Brogden told the ABC’s The World Today.