6th Australian Rural & Remote Mental Health Symposium


6th Australian Rural & Remote Mental Health Symposium The number of Australians experiencing mental health problems in rural and remote areas is estimated to be comparable to major urban centres. However, the rural and remote community faces a greater challenge with limited access to mental health services and support. The Symposium theme, The Practitioner’s Voice, seeks to give voice to those practitioners who are faced with these challenges on a regular basis. Presenters will address recent impacts and future outcomes as we consider the following questions:
  • What is the lived experience of the practitioner in a rural or remote setting?
  • How can the voice of these practitioners be heard when decisions are made?
  • Can we ensure that rural and remote practice is considered in the distribution of resources?
  • In what ways can a practitioner be an effective voice for consumers located in rural and remote settings?
  • What are the barriers and enablers in attaining training for continued professional development points in rural and remote Australia?
  • Rural practitioners experience of the new graduate. Work ready or not?
If you are a practitioner in rural and remote Australia or have an interest in these issues, I invite you to join me in an ongoing discussion so that your voice will be heard on the appropriate and effective distribution of resources outside of the major urban centres. Dr Keith Miller, Symposium Chair Senior Lecturer, School of Social and Policy Studies, Flinders University   Date: 12-14 November 2014 Venue: Commercial Club Albury For more information: www.anzmh.asn.au/rrmh/