Aged Care: Reactive Behaviours

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This session will look at the prevention and management of Reactive Behaviours as well as the roll of Support Plans.

The terms Reactive or Responsive Behaviours have now replaced the traditional term of Challenging Behaviours.

The change of term reminds us the the resident is responding is the holder of their thoughts and feelings and may be responding to a trigger, event or thought, that may require some intervention by staff.

This session will look at both the prevention and management of reactive behaviours as well as the roll of support plans in both supporting the care of the resident and is a requirement when Restrictive Practice is used.

Historical Trauma is a major cause of triggers for some consumers resulting in reactive and at times aggressive behaviour.

In this session we will explore both Traumas and responses including those experienced by survivors of The Holocaust, Wars (both Veterans and civilians), The Stolen Generation, Child abuse and Domestic violence.

The program will include group discussions, small group work and role playing.

Presented by: Kathryne Turek, Aged Care Consultant/Director, Aged Care Consulting