Alcohol and Other Drugs: The Current Situation, an update for all nurses and midwives

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This course focuses on contemporary issues in alcohol and other drugs (AOD). We will identify and explore current trends in AOD use. We will also explore stigma around AOD use.

We will focus on:

  • Trends in alcohol use by demographics;
  • Safe and unsafe drinking patterns;
  • Prescription medicine misuse;
  • The current trends in party drugs;
  • Stigma and AOD in Australia.

We will also explore the practice of identifying AOD misuse and its consequences as well as how to manage problems. Some case studies will be analysed. Specifically:

  • How to identify if someone is withdrawing from alcohol;
  • How to identify if someone is withdrawing from other drugs;
  • Best practice assessment instruments;
  • Best practice in AOD misuse management;
  • Communication techniques in AOD management;
  • Detox and rehabilitation – how does it work and what is available. 

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