Building a Better You

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Better finance

Ms Jessica Irvine 

One of Australia’s most respected economics and finance commentators. Jess is a senior economics writer with the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age and the author of award-winning book Money with Jess.

Jess will share simple, everyday advice and tips on budgeting and keeping track of your spending and will talk to you about:

  • How to ease current financial burdens, including tips to slash bills and expenses 
  • 5 ways to improve your financial position and practical tools
  • Tips for a better financial self

Ms Jessica Irvine appears by arrangement with Claxton Speakers International. 

Better sleep

Ms Olivia Arezzolo 

Renowned as Australia’s Leading Sleep Expert, Olivia isn’t just the face of sleep – she’s changing it. Olivia’s mission is to empower us all to our best night’s rest.

Olivia is the go-to expert for The Today Show, The Morning Show and Sunrise. An accomplished writer, Olivia regularly contributes to many publications including Forbes, Vogue and Women’s Health and has her own column in Body and Soul.

Come along and be part of Olivia’s interactive and invigorating workshop. You will be excited to improve your sleep! Olivia will dissect sleep science into easily digestible advice and provide simple, actionable steps.

Olivia is the author of bestselling book backed by publishing powerhouse Harper Collins Bear, Lion or Wolf – How understanding your sleep type could change your life. Are you a Bear, Lion or Wolf? Take the quiz now to find out! 

Better breathing

Nurul Norzahari

Nurul is an RN, founder of FitNurse Co. & Fitness Coach and will deliver a breathwork session covering physiology, benefits, types and application of breathwork. The session will cover stress management & tips to promote relaxation; a step-by-step guided breathwork session and a bonus chair yoga practice.

Better food

Come along and listen to Barbara Yassa and Simone Dehlsen, Dietitians from Nurses & Midwives Health who will share tips for eating well, keeping energised at work and home and maintaining wellness. 

Better workplace

Catherine Ivanfy, NSWNMA Professional Officer, will provide strategies to create and foster team cohesion, inclusiveness and positive purpose. Learn how to focus on what is within your capability to change and what you can do to establish a caring environment where colleagues share knowledge and work together.