Diabetes in Aged Care

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As nurses within the specialty of aged care we are required to comply with both the Registered Nurses Standards for Practice, particularly “Maintain the capability for practice” as well as the Aged Care Quality Standards.

At times these place us and our consumers in the challenging position of managing consumers choices, delegation of care to other staff and the requirement of best practice clinical responses to rapid changes in our consumers health status. The new Serious Incident Response Scheme adds further pressure to ensuring we comply with the rigorous process of documenting the risk management process and outcome. The diagnosis and management of Diabetes in an older person can have significant quality of life and medical implications and requires a skilled health professional to assist the consumer to achieve their preferred outcomes and goals.

Target Group: This workshop is targeted to Nurses and and Managers in Residential Aged Care and Community Care

Topics covered:

  • Understand the difference between Duty of Care and Dignity of Risk as underpinning human concepts
  • Professional requirements in the provision of Diabetic care
  • Develop an understanding of Diabetes and the impact of this illness in Australia and within our ageing community
  • Review the pathophysiology of Diabetes
  • Review the different forms of Diabetes – Type 1, Type 2, pre-diabetes
  • Latest practice in Management of Diabetes – National Diabetes Services Scheme
  • Managing and documenting consumer choice with diabetes and Understand the difference between Duty of Care and Dignity of Risk as underpinning human concepts
  • Complications associated with Diabetes
  • Examine diabetic scenarios within participants’ workplace.

Opportunities for reflection of practice:

  • Review challenges and responses in managing Diabetes in both Residential Aged care and Community care
  • Improve Diabetes clinical management and identify and treat complications
  • Common risk-taking activities and effective management strategies to manage these
  • How to undertake an effective consultation process and appropriate documentation
  • Understanding the role of your organisation’s policies and procedures in managing Risks
  • How to ensure Open disclosure is incorporated into managing choices, and
  • Assessing your practice against your Professional standards and the Aged care Quality and Safety Commissions standards.

Please read the NSWNMA Education Cancellation, Refund and Catering Policy prior to registering for this course.

Lunch and refreshments are provided.

A CPD Certificate will be provided to attendees at the end of the seminar.