Effective Management of the Deteriorating Consumer Webinar

Professional Courses


Target audience: Aged Care


Topics covered:
• Identifying and responding to signs and risks of a deteriorating consumer.
• Communication and reporting in response to identified deterioration.
• Review Aged care standard 3(d).
• Identifying homeostatic changes in a consumer – what should we be looking for.
• Observation and planning methodology through effective Assessments and Reassessment using the Head-to-Toe approach. Detailed review of clinical observation techniques.
• Develop an understanding of differing models and how they ‘can be implemented within your clinical setting.
• Review several Coroner’s case and identify scenarios within your own clinical setting.
• Everyone’s responsibility within the team – care staff, Registered Nurses, Care supervisors and Doctors.
• Workshop team approach to managing situations using scenarios.

Opportunities for reflection of practice:
• Review challenges and responses in in identifying and responding to a consumer’s deterioration in both Residential Aged care and Community care.
• Improve clinical management and identify and treat complications.
• Common risk-taking activities and effective management strategies to manage changes in a consumer.
• Improving skills in communication and managing a team approach to delivery of care.
• How to undertake an effective consultation process and appropriate documentation.
• Understanding the role of your organisation’s policies and procedures in managing deterioration.
• How to ensure Open disclosure is incorporated into the delivery of care.
• Assessing your practice against your Professional standards and the Aged care Quality and Safety Commissions standards.

Presented by: Kathryne Turek, Aged Care Consultant/Director, Aged Care Consulting

This webinar will run for 90 minutes. 

Can’t attend on the day? A recording of the session will be available to members in the Professional Education section of Member Central for 7 days following the event (please allow 2-3 working days following for events to be published).