Elder Abuse in Residential Aged Care – 3 Part Webinar Series

Professional Courses

1 1/2 CPD Hours per session

Target audience: All


Supporting with Compassion beyond “Compliance”

This 3-part series explores Elder Abuse in Residential Aged Care. Each session will be held 4.00pm to 5.30pm across 3 Mondays commencing 17 April.

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Part 1 – Monday 17 April:

• Defining elder abuse
• Main types of elder abuse
• Who can abuse
• Key consumer rights
• Beyond the “definitions”- 3 ways in which older people experience elder abuse
• Key areas of consumer vulnerability-dementia & other
• Key indicators of elder abuse
• Prevalence of elder abuse

Part 2 – Monday 24 April:
• Royal commission- key findings-elder abuse
• Factors which allow elder abuse to occur & continue
• 3 real & documented cases of elder abuse at a facility- failures leading to change
• Some industry norms & their impacts
• Some factors which lead to under-reporting

Part 3 – Monday 1 May:

• Key mechanisms to minimise elder abuse
• Restrictive practices legislation- Why the need for Behaviour Support Plans?
• Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS) and elder abuse
• Aged Care Code of Conduct
• Banning orders & register
• Star rating system
• ACQS currently under review
• Compassion beyond “compliance”
• Rights-based culture
• Task focus vs consumer centred approach
• Minimising the “power differential”

Register the once to be enrolled in all 3 sessions. 

This series will be recorded and made available following to members of the NSWNMA in Member Central upon completion of the 3-part series. The recording of the series will then be available for viewing for a period of 4 weeks. 

Presented by:
Helen Samphier, Aged Care Services Educator and Consultant