Foot Care: A Nurses Role

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All specialties

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Non-members $190
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Topic 1: Professional and Legal Considerations in Foot Care

  • Policy and procedure requirements;
  • WHS considerations;
  • Infection control guidelines and standards.

Topic 2: Basic Foot Anatomy and Pathophysiology

  • Foot structure and mechanics;
  • Pathophysiology of the foot;
  • Neurological and vascular pathology.

Topic 3: Basic Nail Anatomy and Pathophysiology

  • The normal nail;
  • Nail pathology assessment and treatment options;
  • When to treat and when to refer on.

Topic 4: Basic Skin Anatomy and Pathophysiology

  • Skin structure and the aging process;
  • Skin pathologies;
  • Wound care considerations.

Topic 5: Practical Session

  • Skin assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan;
  • Nail assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan;
  • Pressure off-loading devices.

Topic 6: Feet, Footwear and Falls

  • Footwear assessment;
  • Falls risks;
  • Preventative interventions. 

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