HIV Nursing Practice Workshop

Professional Courses

The HIV Nursing Practice Workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to HIV nursing for people new to the field or who are starting to care for HIV positive clients. The workshop is coordinated by a group of experienced HIV Nurse Consultants and facilitated by The Albion Centre. Each workshop is interactive with a small group of participants. Diverse aspects of care are covered; including multidisciplinary clinical care, and psychosocial, cultural and legal issues, but the workshop recognises the unique role and knowledge of nurses in HIV care. Who should attend? With current treatment regimes, HIV is becoming a chronic illness and people with HIV are living longer with an improved quality of life. Therefore people with HIV may present for care in all areas of the health system, including aged care so it is important that all nurses have some knowledge of HIV care and issues for HIV positive people. The workshop is therefore recommended for all clinical nurses. For more information, see or contact Tel: 02 9332 9720 Fax: 02 9360 4387