Introduction to Mental Health for nurses and midwives

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Target group: This 6-hour workshop is targeted to nurses and midwives providing care for patients with a mental health condition in general hospitals.

Course outline: There are increasing numbers of mental health presentations and admissions to all general hospitals, especially the medical, surgical, intensive care and emergency departments.

This workshop will assist nurses and midwives in understanding mental illnesses, barriers to treatment caused by stigma and discrimination, identifying the clinical signs and symptoms of mental illness, identifying mental health changes in your patients, managing a mental health crisis, duty of care, the NSW Mental Health Act and developing mental health care plans.

Topics covered:

  • Stigma and misunderstanding of mental illness;
  • Types of mental illness;
  • Clinical signs, symptoms and impacts on the person;
  • How to engage and identify mental health changes in my patient;
  • Managing a mental health crisis;
  • Managing suicidal patients;
  • Developing mental health care plans and documentation;
  • Duty of care and the NSW Mental Health Act;
  • Mental health services available to assist you.


  • Increased understanding of mental health conditions;
  • Ability to identify deterioration in mental health patients;
  • Mental health patients will receive appropriate care in the general hospital;
  • Develop stronger partnerships with their mental health service providers;
  • Increased confidence in providing care to mental health patients in the general hospital.

NOTE: This course is not aimed at Mental Health Nurses / Nurses working within the Mental Health System.

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