Medications: How we do it better

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This course focuses on medications in practice and what we can do as individuals to increase the safety of the people in our care. To explore the various causes of medication errors and provide you with the understanding and ability to help prevent medication errors from occurring in your workplace. 

This workshop covers:

  • Professional Obligations and Scope of Practice – what are your responsibilities and accountability with regards to medications;
  • The processes of the medication cycle and the stages that errors can occur;
  • Revisit the principles of medication administration and unpack the areas that commonly have presented errors;
  • Provide the importance of following policy and processes to maintain safety within the health care environment;
  • S8 medications and your legal responsibilities around them;
  • Q&A. 

We are offering an optional SafeMedicate online learning with this course so if you are able, please bring a laptop, tablet or phone capable of accessing the internet as we will be demonstrating the registration process on the day. If you do not have a device we will also be providing written instructions.

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