Mindfulness and Self-Compassion: The Ultimate Skills to Survive and Thrive in nursing and midwifery

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Lunch and refreshments provided

We are all committed to giving care and compassion to our clients and patients. That is what we all signed up for! What if I told you that you simply cannot give something that you don’t have for yourself?

“Self-compassion and self-kindness grows from the very heart of mindfulness” True compassion can only be given when you gift it to all starting with yourself.

Mindfulness is awareness or insight. Lack of insight has been linked to nurse and midwife registrant performance complaints. Mindfulness has the ability to keep you calm in times of crisis and stress and ultimately perform at your optimum level. Mindfulness is your ultimate insurance policy for all.

This workshop will be dynamic, interactive and a safe space to learn, share and grow together.

Topics Covered:

  • Mindfulness Meditation to set our intention for the day;
  • The Science of Mindfulness;
  • The Seven Attitudinal Foundations of Mindful Practice;
  • How mindful practice resets the stress response and its ability to affect your attention and focus;
  • Working mindfully – your ultimate safe, efficient and financial asset;
  • Hands-on learning of mindful and self-compassion skills and activities;
  • Mindful nursing and midwifery – What does it look like?
  • Mindful Communication;
  • Mindful Reflective Practice;
  • Q&A and open forum discussion.
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