Minimising Psychotropic Medication and Correct Documentation Webinar

Professional Courses


Target audience: Aged Care


Topics covered:
• Review of common psychotropic medications, their clinical indicators, uses and risks..
• A clear understanding of differentiating the use of a Psychotropic medication for treatment or as a chemical ‘Restraint’.
• Documentation required for the use of a psychotropic medication.
• An understanding of Legislation surrounding Restraint and its impact on decisions around the use of restraints and the required documentation.
• Standard 8(3)(e ) ii Aged care Quality Standards – minimising the use of restraints.
• Understanding the contents and role of the Supporting a Restraint free environment in Residential Aged Care tool.
• Develop an awareness of alternative options to Psychotropic medications.
• Assessing the effectiveness of Psychotropic medications leading to deprescribing the medication.
• Using a workshop team approach to manage scenarios.

Opportunities for reflection of practice:
• Identify when a Psychotropic medication is being used for treatment.
• Review your challenges and responses in managing situations where a resident may be at risk of harm to themselves or others.
• The use of restraints in situations of emergency and legal requirements.
• Understanding how to utilise a multidisciplinary team approach in supporting a restraint free environment.
• How to ensure Open disclosure is incorporated into your practice in managing expectations of the family.
• Assessing your practice against your Professional standards and the Quality and Safety Commissions standards.

Presented by: Kathryne Turek, Aged Care Consultant/Director, Aged Care Consulting

This webinar will run for 90 minutes. 

Can’t attend on the day? A recording of the session will be available to members in the Professional Education section of Member Central for 7 days following the event (please allow 2-3 working days following for events to be published).