NDS NSW State Conference 2014


10-11 February 2014 Hilton, Sydney The future for people with disability remains bright, but making it real presents as many opportunities as it does challenges. Disability services in NSW have been actively working to transform and reinvent, however as the change continues, the future continues to change along with it. Presenters will showcase how they have grasped the positive opportunities that change has presented, and reveal the new and innovative approaches they have implemented to improve operations and deliver better services. We will also hear from people with disability as they remain central to the reform agenda. The conference will challenge you to question what your organisation needs to do to remain relevant and ready and will provide you with innovative examples and ideas to support your ongoing transformational journey. Disability service CEOs, managers, staff and board members will gain a great deal from attending. Government staff will also find the conference program informative. CALL FOR PAPERS: The closing date for abstract submissions is 4pm sharp on Friday 25 October 2013. Registrations are due to open and the program will be available in December. General queries: contact Miriam Sosin, Events Coordinator, on 02 9256 3133 or email miriam.sosin@nds.org.au. Supporter queries: contact Julie Walton, National Conference and Events Manager, on 02 9256 3115 or email julie.walton@nds.org.au.