Wound Care: Leg Ulcers and Compression Dressing, 2-Day Seminar

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Day 1: Understanding Lower Leg Ulcers, Wednesday 12 August

This workshop covers the basic principles involved in understanding the different types of lower leg ulcers. Understanding the aetiology of the lower leg wound enables the clinician to manage different aetiology and support the patient’s goal of care by using appropriate treatment and management techniques.

  • Recognise the differences between venous, arterial and lymphoedema wounds;
  • Identify factors that may affect wound healing;
  • Identify who is included in the health care team to achieve best practice for each lower leg aetiology;
  • Recognise when and where to refer patients to maximise wound healing.

Day 2: Lower Leg Ulcers Requiring Oedema Management, Monday 24 August

This workshop follows on from Day 1 and covers the different ways to reduce lower leg oedema, including different types and levels of compression bandaging. Participants will practice applying compression on each other. It is therefore recommended that participants dress to allow lower legs to be accessed for the purposes of applying compression bandages.

  • Recognise the different ways to reduce lower leg oedema using different techniques to ensure the safety of the patient and staff;
  • Recognise when it is not safe to use compression bandaging;
  • Apply different types of compression bandaging, including short stretch, high stretch and multi-layer bandaging systems.
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