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Rectifying underpayments

I am a registered nurse working in a public hospital. My pay was recently short changed. Now I have been told I won’t get the missed amount till the next pay run. Is this right? … Read More

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Break between shifts at Ramsay

I work in a hospital operated by Ramsay Health. What is the minimum break between rostered shifts?  Under Clause 4 of the Ramsay Health Care Australia Pty Limited, and NSW Nurses & Midwives’ Association /ANMF … Read More

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Meal breaks at RSL Lifecare

I work in a facility operated by RSL LifeCare. When do I get an unpaid meal break?  Clause 16 of the RSL LifeCare, NSWNMA and HSU NSW Enterprise Agreement 2017–2020 sets out that employees shall … Read More

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Northern Beaches Hospital transfer payments

I am a former Mona Vale AiN now working at the new Northern Beaches Hospital. When will I receive my transfer payment? It is still anticipated that this will occur in (mid) November, and in … Read More

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Opting out of 12-hour shifts

I work in a public hospital ICU and we do 12-hour shifts. I am starting to feel that this is not the best way for me to work. Can I opt out?  Under Clause 5(v)(l) … Read More

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Leave for Aboriginal ceremonies

I am a registered nurse who works in a rural area and covered by the Nurses Award 2010. Occasionally I attend traditional Aboriginal ceremonies. What are my rights to be released from work under the … Read More

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Waiver form for breaks between shifts

I am a registered nurse at a public hospital. We have recently received a waiver form about the 10-hour break between rostered shifts. Do I have to sign this?  In short, no. There is no … Read More

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Extra public holiday

Just wondering if the extra public holiday has been decided for NSW Health yet?   Yes, the nominated date for the extra public holiday in the NSW Health Service over Christmas/New Year in public hospitals is … Read More

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I am a registered nurse working in a public hospital. My pay was recently reduced by a deduction for an overpayment they say I received from previous pay periods. Is this right? Unfortunately, this issue … Read More

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