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In charge allowance at Anglicare

I work as a registered nurse in a facility operated by Anglicare. When is the in-charge allowance payable? Clause 18.1 in the Anglican Community Services Enterprise Agreement 2017 sets out that a registered nurse who is … Read More

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Days in a row at Catholic Healthcare

I work part-time at an aged care facility run by Catholic Healthcare. How many days in a row can I be rostered to work? Under Clause F2(b) of the Catholic Healthcare Residential Aged Care Enterprise Agreement … Read More

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Healthscope time in lieu

I work as a registered nurse in a hospital run by Healthscope. Is there a time limit to taking time off instead of being paid overtime? Under Clause 19(xiii) of the Healthscope Group – NSWNMA/ANMF – … Read More

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The role of the Reasonable Workload Committee

I am a registered nurse working in a public hospital. When talking to my colleagues and the Branch, it is often said that the Reasonable Workload Committee at the hospital is dysfunctional. What is the … Read More

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Disciplinary process at Ramsay Hospital

I work in a hospital operated by Ramsay. I have been invited to a meeting to discuss a complaint. What can I expect?  Clause 2.5 of the Ramsay Health Care Australia Pty Limited, and NSW … Read More

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Increased contracted hours at Whiddon

I work at an aged care facility run by The Whiddon Group. I am part- time but have been working over my hours for some time. Can I have my contracted hours varied to reflect … Read More

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Meal breaks in patient transport services

I am thinking about applying for an RN position with HealthShare – patient transport services. I believe they have a different approach to meal breaks. Clause 4(x)(d) of the Public Health System Nurses’ and Midwives’ … Read More

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Education Allowance at Opal

I recently obtained a job as a registered nurse in a nursing home operated by Opal Aged Care. I hold an additional qualification that is related to my duties at the facility. Are these recognised … Read More

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Payout of additional annual leave

I am a registered nurse working in a public hospital. One of my colleagues said I might be able to cash out some of my annual leave. Is that correct?Under Clause 30(xi)(b) (Annual Leave) of … Read More

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