Key elements of the Ramsay claim

Fair staffing levels

  • Implementation of key ACORN standards in operating theatres.
  • Regular discussions about workloads at ward/unit/team meetings.
  • Nurse/midwife in charge to be supernumerary to clinical nursing /midwifery numbers at all times.
  • Babies to be included in patient numbers for determining staffing.
  • Improved access to mentoring, support and education for beginning practitioners.

Balancing life and work

  • Night shift should not precede days off unless eight-hour sleep time provided.
  • Roster to be displayed in a convenient place for all.
  • No time limit on when employees can arrange a shift swap.
  • Roster changes to occur by agreement.
  • Long service leave accrual to increase to two weeks per annum after 10 years.
  • Improved paid parental leave of 26 weeks and two weeks partner leave.

Recognising education, skills, experience

  • Five per cent increase to wage and allowances for each year of the agreement, commencing 1 January 2015.
  • Incremental pay progression to occur automatically following each 1976 hours of experience.
  • Improved incremental classification structure for CNSs, CNEs and CNCs.
  • Access to five days paid study and Continuing Professional Development leave per year.

A safe workplace

  • Consecutive eight-hour break after being recalled to work or payment for the next shift at double time.
  • A limit to the number of quick shifts in a seven-day period.
  • Adequate meal breaks and rest pauses for all time worked including overtime.